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Meet the maker : Hihi

Hihi Wines is a small boutique winery based in Gisborne. The label was launched by Andy Nimmo in 2005 and since then 90+ award winning wines have been produced. From hearty creamy buttery Chardonnays to exciting Albarino's, Andy has access to some glorious white grapes growing in Gisborne and appears to have a firm interest in AromaticsGewurztraminer, Viognier, Pinot Grigio, Albarino and more has been produced by Hihi leading us to think what's coming next?!

Hihi also produces a range of award winning sparkling wines made from Pinot Gris (Bubbly Gris), Chardonnay (Gizzy Fizzy) and a Brut Cuvee (Te Hihi)

World famous in Gisborne since recently!

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Andy Nimmo

Andy (right) can normally be found down at the Gisborne farmers market on a Saturday sharing his vast range of varietals and telling the Hihi story. He's a personable and down to earth guy embodying what Hihi wines are. There's an authenticity and humble nature in each drop as well as an undercurrent of exciting potential and sense of boutique uniqueness.

The Hihi labels includes a variety of styles and grapes proving that Andy is excellent at his craft and dedicated to the producing the best from the Gisborne region.

Each wine from the Hihi label comes recommended by the Wine Central staff. The Chardonnays are creamy and buttery (Old School Gisborne style) and aromatics are well-balanced. Currently we're fortunate enough to have some Hihi wines from 2014 all the way up to 2017 which is testament to the exciting potential and longevity these wines have.

Hats off to Andy and his great little spot in Gizzy!