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Or Shiraz if you're Australian...

  • Syrah is the third most popular red grape in NZ with 435 hectares.
  • It's one of the key red grapes in Cotes du Rhones and southern French reds, along with Grenache and Mourvedre.
  • It's the most popular and important grape overall in Australia.
  • Syrah originally comes from the Rhone Valley in France.
  • It's usually given oak fermentation and maturation, and can age positively for decades.

Complex, spicy and supple.

Syrah, or Shiraz as the Aussies say, is defined by its bright fruit flavours, spice and elegant texture. It's also often renowned for having a fair bit of grunt and many fall into the Powerful Reds category - particularly ones the from Aussie. These often have tobacco and peppercorn flavours as well as deep, brooding fruit flavours bringing the oomph.

Asian five spice dark meats or a beef Biryani with its complex spices will play off the fruit flavours in the Syrah. 

Syrah originated in the Rhône Valley, France, where it produces medium bodied red wines with beautiful fruit profiles. It was around 1830 when it reached Australia and the Aussies originally used Syrah for fortified wines but once they soon discovered its potential. The name Shiraz then followed when the uniqueness of Aussie Syrah was truly realised.

Key Flavours

Plum, Chocolate, Tobacco, Dried Herbs, Peppercorn, Blackberry

Key Regions

France, Australia, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, USA, Italy, Chile, NZ

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