About Wine Central

Here at Wine Central, we’re a bunch of Kiwis who love a good tipple but don’t like being told what to buy. That’s because in the drinks biz reviews, peer pressure and higher pricing dictate what people should buy and whether they should enjoy it.
This doesn’t make sense to us. Everyone is different. And all too often you fork out big bucks only to discover that a product isn’t really up your alley. So we let you discover drinks on your terms with style guides, recommended products and much more.




That's right. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like it for ANY reason simply return for a full refund or replacement - no questions asked. Go ahead. Get exploring. And if you don't like it, just get in touch!


We like to appeal to your bank account. Value is huge for us around here because it’s not about how much you spend, but how much you get for what you spend. And we’ve been around long enough to know that yes, you can get an awesome wine for under $15. And no, just because it’s over $50 doesn’t mean it’s great.