Pronouced Vee-Yon-Yay.

With its oily texture, most are dry to off-dry and with an intriguing fruit profile, Viognier will interest those who drink mostly white wines. It is both blended and bottled by itself. It’s well balanced and mellow on its own and it does a good job of adding complexity when blended.

Flavours of Viognier

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Viognier is appearing more and more as drinkers look for new and exciting aromatic wines but it’s history is vague and unconfirmed. In ‘modern day’ wine terms it originated in Northern Rhône, France.

It’s now far-reaching and found across the world where it’s steadily gaining popularity and rivalling popular aromatic wines such as Pinot Gris.


What local drops does Viognier compare to?


Sometimes Viognier has time in oak making its mouthfeel similar to Chardonnay.

Pinot Gris

It's aromatic and suppleness can be compared to an oily Pinot Gris.

Sauvignon Blanc

The complex and rich interplay of fruits is comparable to how a Sauvignon Blanc has layered fruit flavours.


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