Zinfandel is known for its splash of jammy flavors. While
the wine looks lighter and isn’t as astringent as its other full-bodied
counterparts, its full body is made up in acidity and mouthfeel.

Flavours of Zinfandel

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It's an age long argument, whether or not Primitivo and Zinfandel are the same grape. The answer: basically.

There are only very slight differences in their genetic makeup, most likely coming from natural and geographical changes. Both are from an ancient indigenous Croation grape. This grape is known as Primitivo in Italy and Zinfandel in the United States, Australia, and other New World wine countries. You may
also find Primitivo in New World countries.
This simply means that those vines are from
Italy, or from the exact clone of the Italian


What local drops does Zinfandel compare to?

Cabernet Sauvignon

Common flavours include spice and cedar, with dark berry, anise and plum. Try it with slow-cooked meat dishes, like braised lamb shanks with rosemary or beef stew, as well as burgers and charcoal-grilled portobello mushrooms.


A powerful, dense red with pronounced cherry, licorice and tobacco flavours and aromas. Try it with bold-flavoured but not especially heavy dishes, like pasta puttanesca or a steak sandwich with caramelized onions.

Pinot Noir

Typical examples of Pinot Noir are light-bodied, with strawberry, cherry and earthy tones supported by dried mushroom and warm spice.   Try it with roast salmon with miso, hoisin-glazed duck breast and, of course, beef bourguignon.


Taste and learn about Freakshow Zinfandel 2019 from California with experienced winemaker and advisor Lynnette Hudson.

Freakshow Zinfandel 2019

The Dazzling Fire Mistress pays homage to Freakshow's roots in Lodi, a region known for exceptional Zinfandel. Typically known as a bold varietal, Freakshow Zin shows the softer, sexier side of Lodi Zin, focusing on the distinctive bright fruit and spice characteristics for which our heritage varietal is known.

This medium bodied Zin spotlights wild berry and coffee aromas while flirting with notes of peppery spice. Flavours of black cherry, dark chocolate and sweet tobacco amaze the tongue with a fruit-forward, tantalising finish.


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