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Meet the maker: Yalumba

Yalumba is now five generations in and remains one of Australia's most famous wineries. It was in 1852 that Samuel Smith purchased land in South Australia and the first wine came a year later. In another few years Samuel Smith starts donating his wines to local shows - a tradition which remains today.

The winery was passed through the family and continued to develop with Australia's taste and trends. Yalumba, with it's rapidly growing and quality offering was also becoming part of Australia's history. An example of this is that the Yalumba Four Crown "Port" was served "at the most remote Christmas party in the world" - a party in Antarctica in 1929. This paved way for Yalumba becoming a recognised sponsor in sporting and cultural events, and continuing to give back to its country.

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Australia's First Families of Wine

Established in 2009, Australia's First Families of Wine was created when 12 of Australia's oldest family owned, multi-generational wine businesses came together.

Described as "a unique collaboration of like-minded families," this collective wanted to change the narrative of Australia's wines regarding the history, provenance and quality.

To achieve this, Australia's First Families of Wine would come together and tell the stories of their histories, experiences and commitment. 

Nowadays the collective travel the globe and share their "vinous" tales, ultimately sharing the passion that brought them together.

Information and photo credit: Australia's First Families of Wine