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Pronounced: Temp-rah-nee-oh

  • The most popular grape in Spain where over 200,000 hectares is planted.
  • Its name comes from the Spanish word Temprano, which means early.
  • Tempranillo is a thick skinned red grape.
  • Also grown in Argentina, Australia, Italy and the south of France.
  • Tiny amounts grow in NZ, most successfully in Hawke's Bay where the warmth enables it to ripen.

Vibrant, complex and Spanish!

Pronounced "Temp-rah-nee-oh".

Spain produces by far the most Tempranillo and the grape itself has varied expressions with some being heavier and richer, others being fresh with dried herb characteristics.

Tempranillo is extremely food friendly so give it a sip and if you've got a bolder styled Tempranillo then get some meat on the bbq and if instead it's on the fresher side try for something tomato based.

Key Flavours

Cedar, Tobacco, Cherry, Dried Fig, Plum, Vanilla

Key Regions

Spain, Argentina, France, Australia, USA, Chile, NZ

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