Seedlip Ben

Way back, we're talking over 300 years ago, it was common for physicians to use copper stills to distill herbal remedies. John French was one of these physicians and published The Art of Distillations in 1651 which was packed with non-alcoholic recipes. These recipes were created as remedies as they "harnessed the power of nature."

Seedlip was then established when Ben, the founder, stumbled across these recipes and began trying them out. This, alongside Ben having recently received a deathly sweet cocktail a restaurant, quickly turned into a full-blown mission. A mission to create proper, quality non-alcoholic spirit options.

In regards to the name, Seedlip comes from the baskets used by Ben's family centuries before to sow seeds. It's almost as if it's meant to be as it works perfectly in the context of these non-alcoholic spirits. It tells the story. Seed to lip.