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The grape that's full of surprises...

Racy, aromatic and diverse.

Riesling is naturally vibrant with lemon and lime aromas, and ranges hugely in sweetness as some are bone-dry, others sweet. New Zealand produces Rieslings at both end of the spectrum with all having beautiful fruit purity and a fair bit of pizzazz!

The grape is believed to be indigenous to Germany but this is yet to be confirmed. What is something that's set in stone is that Germany and nearby areas such as Alsace put Riesling on the map. Australia also has strong ties with Riesling as it was the country's most planted grape until around the 1900s. NZ would then jump on the band wagon and get Riesling growing around the 1970s when Sauv and other grapes were being introduced.

An off-dry Riesling loves Asian foods so next time you've got Thai on the menu put a Riesling in the fridge!

Key Flavours

Lime, Green Apple, Beeswax, Jasmine, Petrol

Key Regions

Germany, USA, Australia, France, NZ

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