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The old faithful!

Black fruits, soft tannins and warm flavours.

Merlot, a grape that's popular both by itself and in blends. When blended, Merlot boasts cherry, plum, blackberry and other dark fruits alongside vanilla and chocolate notes in a supple body void of big, bold tannins.

If Merlot was a person they'd be easy going and approachable. With medium body, medium tannins and medium acidity nothing comes jumping out at you but the overall profile is rounded and mellow. Just the kind of person you want a dinner party!

Pair with earthy foods such as mushrooms or hearty meat and game that have a accent of fruity sweetness to bring out the dark fruits!

Key Flavours

Cherry, Plum, Chocolate, Dried Herbs, Vanilla, Oak

Key Regions

Bordeaux France, Italy, USA, Spain, Chile, Australia, NZ

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