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Meet the maker: De Bortoli

The De Bortoli story started 90 years ago with Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli creating a life for themselves as new immigrants to Australia from war-torn Europe.

They acquired land through work and support from friends, and from there began to make small amounts of dry table wine. Initially they were providing drink for fellow immigrants but as time went on Vittorio and Giuseppina's son Deen and his wife Emeri grew the family and more people came onboard to grow the business.

The De Bortoli reputation of producing premium wine grew fast and started from their iconic dessert wine 'Noble One' and continued as they expanded into Yarra Valley.

The fourth generation are now beginning to take the De Bortoli reigns and have the responsibility of upholding the official motto of "Semper ad Majora" - “always striving for better,” and the unofficial one "good food, good wine and good friends."

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Kevin De Bortoli

“We’re not only improving wine quality through our management, by the varieties we plant and the crop levels we expect from them, we’re also handing on healthy and productive land to future generations.”

Kevin, a viticulturist for De Bortoli, is described as an outdoorsy person and grew up on the Bilbul Estate where he now works. He's third generation De Bortoli and now looks after 300 hectares of vines and 20-plus varieties of grapes. 

After leaving high school, he worked at the winery and inevitably learned a wide range of skills used across the winemaking process. A little later he decided to study a Diploma of Viticulture at Charles Sturt University and it was here that his passion for winemaking truly emerged.

Kevin continually evolves his farming practices as he’s become increasingly interested in improving quality and productivity in the vineyard through environmentally sustainable farming practices.