Blending innovation with tradition since 1893, this family owned and built winery have been perfecting italian wine making for decades. It was Luigi Cecchi who started that journey and has since passed down the business through generations.

Thanks to the wine tasting talents of Luigi this dynasty have become internationally known and recognised for their unique environment and their respect for it. Since the 1980s, growth has been on the rise, now with five full estates, of which four are in Tuscany and one in Umbria. They are wines that embody origin, terroir and culture, each generation appreciating the value of the land and nurturing it, whilst fully respecting the natural cycles of the seasons.  

The Cecchi families main goal is to bring us a wine of consistent quality, using their innovative minds and enthusiasm for tradition. Their work is meticulous, made by the hands of many people, with love and deep admiration for both wine and its territory. Wine made for good company, sharing a special moment, occasion or memory.  

Celebrating over 125 year of Cecchi, this legacy is passed through their wines. Their Storia di Famiglia, rich in red colour, refined by age, intense persistent flavour and characteristics of boldness, balance and harmony. As Cecchi's first Chianti Classico wine, it truly expresses the creativity and heart in every sip.

Image credits: Cecchi