Caravan Wines

Having incredible, intimate experience making some of Australia’s award winning wines, John Quarisa, known as the legendary Johnny Q and his highschool sweetheart, Josephine, bring us this full bodied, fresh and vibrant Petite Sirah. John has spent over 24 years working for some of Australia's most established and best known wineries. Working for McWilliam’s, Nugen Estate and Casella, as well as being an international wine show judge for many years, he certainly knows what he likes. 

John and Josephine stand by “Passion is everything” when it comes to wine.  You can certainly taste the passion and commitment in the fresh, vibrant and spicy dark fruit aromas of their Caravan Petite Sirah. Giving us a dominant complex flavour for a fantastic price. Petite Sirah, (or Durif) is possibly unfamiliar to many, being a small little grape, it is often used in Australian fortified wine, as it ripens well and offers deep dark fruit flavours. 

Even if you are unfamiliar with Australian wine, the story and the taste is sure to win you over, if not that you can always trust that Johnny Q would never bring us a wine if he didn’t like it himself. The palate of the wine is rich and sweet when you open it, but you could also leave it for another five years and it would age majestically. 

John and Josephine’s Caravan wine has leaped forward in production, sustained by the exceptional value for money and their brilliant trusted winemaking techniques. Their website is coming soon and they are currently exporting to the UK, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, NZ, Hong Kong and China.

Image credits: Caravan wines