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Pronounced: Al-bah-reen-oh

Refreshing, light and great young.

With its high acidity, light body and barely-there sweetness, Albarino can be summarised in one word: refreshing. It balances citrus zest with bracing fruits and a touch of saltiness making it a great accompaniment to warmer weather. Just be sure to chill it right down!

Albarino comes from the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, and both Spain and Portugal are famous for it. They also have a long history with Albarino. It is estimated that it was in the twelfth century that this grape came to the area and nowadays it’s mostly found growing in cooler areas close to the sea. A seaside posé helps maintain the saline flavour that helps distinguish the grape.

Key Flavours

Citrus, Grapefruit, Floral, Nectarine, Saline

Key Regions

Spain, Portugal

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