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From France but thriving in Argentina!

  • It's also called Auxerois, Cot and Malbeck.
  • It was once popular in Bordeaux and is still the main grape in Cahors - an appellation near Bordeaux.
  • Malbec declined massively in France after frost affected in badly in 1956.
  • Traditionally Malbec is blended but most Argentine Malbec is 100%.
  • Tiny amounts of Malbec grow here, mostly in Hawke's Bay, Waiheke Island and North Canterbury.

Dark fruits, juicy palate and plenty of flavour.

Malbec synonymous with Argentina as their production dominates the global growth of the grape. Despite having originating in France, it was introduced to Argentina in the mid 19th century where it's gone from being an entry level wine mainly drunk in the US to an esteemed varietal drunk across the world.

Generally full bodied with dark fruit flavours of blackberry and plum, together with spicy notes. Tannins are medium to high while acidity is low. Excellent when partnered with barbecued meats such as beef, lamb or chicken and with hearty red meat stews. Also very good with more substantial everyday meals. Malbec generally pairs best with Semi-Hard and Hard cheese.

Malbec is also great value for money. $15 will go far so it's a great wine to take as a dinner guest!

Key Flavours

Red Plum, Blackberry, Vanilla, Sweet Tobacco, Cocoa

Key Regions

Argentina, France, USA, South Africa, Australia, Italy, NZ

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