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Meet the maker: Fuller's

Fuller's has a rich and lengthy history dating back to the 1600's. It was a humble start and was not void of mishaps but after being passed through many hands, John Fuller came along. He was sought to help the brewery in more than just a financial sense as they had purchased the Griffin Brewery site and now needed to build some real momentum. John Fuller died in 1839 and the controls were passed to his son, John Bird Fuller. John Bird Fuller was fast paced in making an impact as he took the reigns himself and outsourced investment and financial expertise. 

A little further down the line a trio was established: Fuller, Smith and Turner. This lead to an extensive list of private customers and the beginning of an expansion of the beer offering. The beer range would continue to grow with famous London Pride gaining recognition in the 1950's and the Griffin Brewery continuing to create esteemed brews.

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Making history

In 1929, exactly 100 years ager the first Fuller had arrived in Chiswick, the company became limited. Prior to this, Fuller's only brewed 'ale' and 'hock.' Fuller's themselves say they were a little slow off the mark as porter was gaining popularity but they stuck to the two brews.

However once Fuller's became limited the floodgates opened with acclaimed ales beginning to stream out of the brewery. The highly credible London Pride was front and centre in the mid 50's and following this Fuller's became the first brewery to win the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain award with three seperate beers. The ESB took out this title in 1978, London Pride won it in 1979 and Chiswick Bitter in 1989.

History is alive at Fuller's as these three brews are still available and the trio of families (Fuller, Smith and Turner) are still at the heart of the company.