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Meet the maker: Coopers Creek

Coopers Creek was founded in 1980 which was a time when the New Zealand wine industry was young and fairly unknown. Kicking it all off was Andrew and Cynthia Hendry who started out purchasing four hectares of land at the Huapai site.  

In 1982 the first vintage was produced under the watchful winemaking eye of Randy Weaver. Throughout the 1980's the vineyard continued to grow and unfortunately Randy Weaver left Coopers Creek to return to the USA. However  in his place came Kim Crawford. A name synonymous with New Zealand wine.

Overtime Coopers Creek developed relationships with vineyards in principal wine growing regions across New Zealand and the wine portfolio grew accordingly. 

"Crafting wines that are attractive, inspiring and stylish is Coopers Creek’s driving force. Pioneering and innovating has been its goal for the last forty years and that’s unlikely to change." - Coopers Creek

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Andrew and Cynthia Hendry

At the time of Coopers Creek establishment, Andrew had been working in the wine industry and Cynthia was successfully running a pate making business. The pair are described as "long time foodies and passionate about wine" making it not surprising that they gravitation towards the wine industry.

To get the winemaking underway, Andrew formed a partnership with Randy Weaver who became the first winemaker at Coopers Creek. Randy returned to the USA later in the 1980s but remains connected to the NZ wine industry to this day, frequenting the University of Auckland to share his winemaking knowledge.

Andrew is now the winery's Managing Director and handles the day to day operational management and international markets. Beyond his formal duties, he's described as bringing warmth and good humour to Coopers Creek.