Church Road

Starting in 1897 Bartholomew Steinmetz founded Taradale Vineyards on the site now known as Church Road. Local and Award winning, this wine is the centre of Hawke’s Bay Wineries. Blending Innovative and traditional winemaking techniques, Church Road is pushing wine making boundaries.  All thanks to Tom McDonald who started working at the winery aged 14 and became in charge of the winery by 19, they created New Zealand’s first widely-available Cabernet Sauvignon, pioneering modern quality winemaking in Hawke’s Bay.

Taking pride in perfecting details, balancing art and science is a key part of the process. Allowing time to perfect their wines with a diverse vineyard of grape varieties.  With these varieties comes character with each wine, making each wine unique and special in their own way. Based on years of work, this wine company follows a directional inner voice with years of experience behind them. 

Years of work created a respect to wine making, creating  instinct that is special to Church Road. They carry passion and intuition that is passed down generations, making this Kiwi owned and made Wine one for the road, and one for the Family.  Now with the lavishly awarded Chris Scott running the show we are sure to see some more incredible red wines blossoming from New Zealand.

Image credits: Church Road