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Love it or hate it, Chardonnay is here to stay!

  • Is famous for being creamy in taste.
  • Derives its creaminess from malolactic fermentation - the conversion of malic acid (naturally found in frapes) to lactic acid(softer and creamy).
  • Is a key ingredient in champagne and high quality sparking wine.
  • Is thought to occupy approximately 200,0000 hectares of vineyards internationally.

Balanced, fruity and often oaky.

The wines from the Chardonnay grape can vary greatly but what's constant is its elegance and  of minerality and fruit.

Chardonnay has consistently been one of the world's most popular grapes for its versatility. You'll find it in wines ranging from light, playful Sparkling wines to rich, oaky Chardonnays. 

It's also popular among winemakers as it's adaptable and relatively easy to cultivate. No wonder it appears in so many wines!

It is difficult to pigeon-hole how Chardonnay tastes however most New World Chardonnays will be buttery and well-oaked with big, mouthfilling flavours of stonefruit and vanilla, and a round palate from the low acidity. Old World expressions are then often comparably lighter and more acidic, for example those from Chablis, France which are typically unoaked.

Key Flavours

Yellow Apple, Pineapple, Vanilla, Butter, Chalk, Lemon Curd

Key Regions

Burgundy France , USA, Australia, Italy, Chile, NZ

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