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Meet the maker: Bach Brewing

"At the heart of Bach Brewing is our passion for craft beer and our love for the Kiwi Bach…escape, freedom, simplicity and time together with family and friends."

Bach Brewing is a family owned brewing company who describe themselves and was established in 2013 by Craig Cooper. They're located between the shores of Auckland’s harbours and are driven by a passion to produce beers to compliment the coastal way of life central to New Zealanders.

Bach Brewing has chosen to contract brew beers with one of the best in the biz; Steam Brewing Company. This no doubt works for the Bach gang as in 2018 their efforts were rewarded gaining the impressive and esteemed Champion New Zealand Exhibitor at the Brewers Guild of NZ Awards. Beyond getting the top spot, 6 of the Bach Brewing beers gained awards. A well deserved result for the team.  

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Craig Cooper

Craig's appreciation for the coastal lifestyle was strong from a young age with him having been born and bred in Hawke's Bay and spending time across NZ on the coast in spots such as Waimarama and the Mahia Peninsula.

He stepped into the beer world when he purchased a share of the Limburg Beer Company but he was ahead of his time and in 2008 the craft beer market was minimal and establishing itself slowly.

Craig moved overseas and hopped around Canada and Australia working in the beer and spirits industry until he came back to NZ ready to rekindle his love for the Kiwi lifestyle and give making beer a shot.

He got out the old Limburg recipes for the Hopsmacker and Czechmate and got to work. 

The rest, as they say, is history!