Handcrafted by winemaker Randle Johnson since the very start in 2002, working in the traditional ways of Zinfandel winemaking. Artezin honours the art of making Zinfandel from old vine plantings, working primarily with family-owned farms throughout Mendocino and Sonoma Countries. 

With the majority of winemakers in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties being Italian immigrants, a demand for wines that were bold and robust increased. And thus a blending of Zinfandel with other varieties such as Carignan and Petite Sirah started. 

Each farmer would create their own signature secret blend, with their own full, spicy, berry notes. From the vineyards in Mendocino, Russian river valley, Dry Creek Valley, Napa Valley and Contra Costa Valley. Every bottle highlights the inherent uniqueness of the wine’s terroir and the winemakers themselves.

Sustainability has been a focus for Artezin wines since the partnership cultivated between Winemaker Randle Johnson and Chef Michel Nischan. With their wine and food pairings and family at the heart of everything, their focus is centred around sourcing fresh, natural, sustainably grown ingredients; which they highlight in their food and wine pairings. 

Bringing you a robust, full-bodied and rich flavour that is consciously made.

Image credits Artezin wines.