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This piece is a personal crusade as my wine-drinking life was changed forever when I discovered Malbec and I want everyone to know about this inexpensive gem so here’s 6 reasons to try an Argentinean Malbec. You can thank me later.

Ok, point #1: It’s flavour profile is bang-on.

It all just melds together so well. With the rich dark fruit, medium tannins and smoky, sometimes chocolately flavours to finish, my mouth waters just thinking about it. I can tell if I like a wine depending on whether anything ‘sticks-out’ anywhere. To me, that’s undesirable, you want balance and a smooth journey through the flavours. Not a slap in the face from a tart, unripe plum. Malbec does this so well and this can be partly credited to the medium tannins and slight acidity. They act like spanks - keeping it all together and preventing anything from flopping out.

Point #2: It’s pretty.

Check it out in the glass. It’s a spectacular purple hued wine and the giveaway that you’ve got the right stuff is that it'll have a bright magenta shine to it. *googly eyes*.

Image credit: Wine Folly

Point #3: Value for money.

Your money goes far when buying Malbec’s. This is due to oak ageing usually only being around 6 months for those at the lower price point. And don’t worry, you still get wonderfully rich, pronounced flavours, it’s all in the grape!

Point #4: The Argentines are heroes.

They have been credited for saving the Malbec grape and are now in charge of over 70% of the growing area of Malbec. The French, who first planted Malbec, still grow it and blend it but have struggled with it being a bit ‘difficult’ due it not being great with adverse weather, rotting easily and easily falling victim to pests because of its thin skin. Across France it’s still grown and blended but the Argentines have really taken the reigns as their hot, dry climate seems to to be much more sensitive to the grapes needs.

Point #5: It’s a wine for the people.

This is because it was discovered by the people and didn’t filter into society from the top Sommeliers like varietals often do. Malbec fell into the public's hands when the Europe and USA economies were struggling in the early 2000’s. This was pushing the price up of wine from those regions so people turned to Argentina only to discover that their Malbec was delicious and didn’t break the bank, bingo! From there, its popularity grew by word of mouth and to this day it isn’t overly exposed but it’s the people sharing their love for it that’s keeping those Argentinian winemakers busy.

Point #6: It’s got big potential.

Often the rule with cellaring is that more expensive, quality wines age best. That still applies, an aged Reserva Malbec would be an absolute treat, but with Malbec even the cheaper guys will benefit from some time tucked away. Try not exceed 5 years if it was cheaper and has quite pronounced, bright fruit flavours but see what it’s like after some time away! Chances are it’ll be smoother, velvety and delicious.

I'll leave you with that information and if you're sold and ready to start drinking, click here to shop Malbec!